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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Its almost over !!!!!

Baa-Humbug!! Christmas is almost here and it is almost over with! I am so excited for that. I have no patience what so ever I am ready for my daughter to open up here gifts for the first time by herself and start playing. 

Even tho Christmas is so not about the presents, I know how it feels to be a kid and opening gifts! I still love it! while we are on the subject of what Christmas is all about, I wanted to give God ALL the glory because that's what it is about. I am a born again believer of Christ and I thank God for my salvation, my family and what he has done in my life. It breaks my heart that people have to be "politically correct" (thats what they call it) and say happy holidays now. I went out shopping for gifts these pass couple of days and noticed alot of workers saying happy holidays, and when I questioned one of them and asked them how come they can't say Merry Christmas?? they stated to me that, "We can't say Merry Christmas first we have to say happy holidays, but if someone says it to us then we can say it back, we will get in trouble if someone tells on us." 

Is that what this world has come to?? Taking Christ out of the only 1 day that people recognize him?? The day is called CHRISTmas for a reason. This country was founded on the word of God. God is real and the bible says he is the same yesterday today and forever! even tho the world has changed God is still the same. Let's keep Christ the reason for the season and KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS.


  1. This was a great blog. You should soooooo start doing this again. It kept my attention and interest me. More blogs.....more blogs.....more blogs