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Monday, October 6, 2014

My new prego emotion

Yes Blog land I am FINALLY back on it. After years and years (did I say years) of farting around not getting to it, I finally got motivated to start it back up. Thanks to K-Rod @ Vegasbeauty.... Thanks friend! 😉 well indeed I have a regular topic of mine that I would like to discuss, it seems like this has happened every year since I have gotten married which was 4 1/2 years ago. So the topic is Pregnancy!!!!! And YES I am pregnant! Haha What can I say, I absolutely Love being prego! I know I sound crazy, not very many women like the pregnancy, they just love what comes out of the pregnancy. Those precious bundles! I love the WHOLE entire journey! From beginning to end. From peeing on that little stick (that you can pick up from your local Dollar tree that work just as well) to wrapping up baby in carseat and taking them home. However, this pregnancy is a little tricky for me this time around. I am 5months and I am in the stage where I can and will eat everything, which is a good stage right!?!? I was going to start this blog and do my pregnancy journey when I first found out I was expecting but I procrastinate ALOT.... So I will update up till now! 

When I first found out I was pregnant I was of course extremely happy but I was also extremely sick! I couldn't eat anything without feeling like someone stole my intestines and left me empty. Ugh! It was a horrible horrible feeling. 3 months of that.... Fast forward and here we are 2nd Trimester 5 Months!! And I feel great! Lazy, but great! However with this pregnancy I picked up a new symptom, for me atleast, and thats EMOTIONAL!! I am extremely emotional I can't explain how emotional I am, its crazy! I never had this during my pregnancy with my other 2 children so this is something new to me. I hear women discuss it and its something they had, and quite honestly I really thought it was just an excuse for some women who were pregnant to act like jerks and get catered to and patted on the back and get waited on hand and foot ya know? I didn't know these things actually EXISTED! I was always nice with both my other pregnancies, but this one I feel like I want to (and I mean this in the nicest possible way) claw someones face off and then cry about it cause that was so mean of me to do and be so apologetic and then eat a big bowl of salad, of course after washing my hands! What type of demonic forces of freaky nature am I dealing with here?? Is this even normal?? And then the other day I fixed my son and daughter a big belgian waffle for breakfast, not thinking my daughter was gonna eat it all, I prepared myself to get ready to scrap her plate from the left over soggy waffle. BUT she surprised me!! She ate the WHOLE thing! And her eggs! I was shocked. She was so happy she ate it all, "Look mommy, i'm done its all gone" I was so happy that she was happy and I looked at her like my big girl ate all her breakfast! We shared a quick high five, she put her plate in the sink, and went on about her business! But I was left in the kitchen with so much Joy with what just took place I cried. And then.... I cried again cause I didn't even know why I was crying in the first place. Hahahahaha!! Its funny now but then if you would have laughed at me I probably would have wanted to curl up and cry all day! You moms out there with more than one child or even 1 child, what were some of your pregnancy blues/highlights dysfunctions/ triumphs that you have had?? I'd like to know i'm not the only WEIRDO! Until then....

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